Dating can be a great deal of trouble but with the right resources anyone can find love. There are plenty of ways that you can find love and with the right information at your disposal, it is easier than you might imagine.

Dating Books

Books are a much larger resource than you might imagine and with the right books anyone can find love and can find a companion that is right for them. Here are a few books and a bit about what they can do to help you find love.

  1. Attract and Seduce: A Four Step System by Byron Seingalt- this book can help you find, attract, and keep the man or woman of your dreams with four simple steps. This is a fantastic option for those that want a quick system that is going to help them get the results they want.
  2. Ignore the Guy, Get the Guy by Leslie Braswell- this book lets readers know that sometimes the issue is that people pay too much attention to the person they are trying to get. Playing hard to get can do wonders. This also helps you through breakups and regaining your power.
  3. The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chanler- this is a more spiritualistic approach to dating and can help you find the soul mate that you have always been looking for.
  4. Models: Attract Women Through honesty by Mark Manson- this book focuses on finding a woman and keeping her through being fully honest with her. Honesty is a fantastic way to attract a significant other and this book tells you just how to do it.
  5. The Right One by Jimmy Evans- this book tells you a little bit about everything that you need to know about dating and about finding the right man or woman for you no matter what.

Dating Blogs

For those that prefer to get their information online, there are tons of great blogs to consider as well.

  1. Nerve’s Dating Confessions- this blog is a great forum where daters can share stories and confessions about their dating lives.
  2. Online Dating Insider- this blog takes you inside online dating and the secrets that surround it.
  3. The Great Mate Debate- this is a fun blog that makes light of dating woes and helps people to put out answers to a daily question that is posed to readers.
  4. OkTrends- this blog is easy to read and is great for those that want some quick information. This site allows you to look at your own dating habits as well as those of successful daters.

Dating Websites

There are also tons of fantastic websites out there that can help you find the person of your dreams. There are now more dating websites than ever before that can link you up with the person that is right for you.

  • – this site is tailored to women that are looking specifically for men to date. This site allows women to find men based on interests, physical characteristics, and more and can help you find the match that is going to make all your dreams come true.


  • dating does not have to end just because you have been out of the game for some time. This site will help you regain the courage and drive that you need to find a man or woman that is going to make a difference in your life. This site is dedicated to helping seniors find their second chance.


  •– being disabled can certainly make things difficult but it does not mean that it has to be impossible. This site helps you find other people that are also disabled who you can share your life with and grow together.


  • dating can be difficult no matter what career path you choose. The military presents special difficulties that make dating even harder than it has to be. This site helps you find other military personnel that are looking for love and those that want to date someone that is in the army. This is a fantastic site for making finding that special someone much easier.


  •– this site is set on helping Christians find fellow Christians to date. If you are a follower of Christ this is a fantastic site that can help you get in contact with others that follow the word of god and that are members of the faith.
  •– sometimes finding love can be incredibly difficult, especially for those that are not looking for a typical relationship. This site helps men find other men that are looking for love.