Top 3 Places For Single Men to Meet Women in Thailand

thailand sunset

thailand sunsetThailand is a dream vacation spot for single men. It has been so for generations. Tales of visiting the bars and discos are the stuff of legend.

Bangkok is a good place for single men to meet women. A large city, Bangkok, has many social clubs for tourists to enjoy. However, there are three districts that any single man hoping to enjoy the nightlife should visit.

Here are the best spots for men to meet women in and near Bangkok.

1. Nana Plaza

Located inside Bangkok, this is a site to behold. Nana Plaza is an entertainment district, with a plethora of restaurants, bars and hotels. Three stories of places exist here for single men to sit down and chat it up with Thai women.

Women are all over the place. You can meet them while walking down the street. Better yet, sit down at one of the bars with an outside view and call over anyone you find attractive.

The first floor is comprised primarily of drinking bars. This is a good place to have a beer to get the evening started off right. On the second floor, you will find go-go bars where the women dress to impress in miniskirts and other fleshy outfits.

In some bars, especially those on the second and third floors, the women may be in customs. Nana Plaza is a real party atmosphere, primarily for adults.

Stay at the Nana Hotel, which is right in the center of the action. Men who meet a woman at one of the bars will have no problem with the front desk about taking her back to the room for a nightcap.

A word of caution is in order. The Nana Plaza area has a large number of so-called “lady boys,” men dressed as women. Do understand this part of Thai culture exists and be conscious of whom you are dating to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

2. Pattaya
Located about 100 miles southeast of Bangkok, this beach area is a small town set up for the single male to meet Thai women. Almost every bar is full of local women hoping to catch a foreign boyfriend or husband. Be careful, because you may not be the only boyfriend she has.

Some men never leave once they have had a taste of life in Pattaya. The pace is a lot slower than it is in Bangkok. In addition, the beach is a nice place to relax and get away from the bar scene with that special woman.

The most convenient and perhaps least expensive way of getting to Pattaya is to fly into Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) and then take a bus. It is a two-hour ride from the airport to Pattaya.

3. Royal City Avenue
This is the main bar area in Bangkok, located between Rama IX Road and Phetchaburi Road.
The district has lots of places to drink beer and listen to music. Many of the patrons are young, so older travelers might feel a bit out of place in some establishments. College students and the young up-and-coming will fit right in. Loud, popular music blaring from speakers is common along Royal City Avenue.

Be aware that some of the clubs seem to charge foreigners an entry fee. Apparently, there is a law requiring them to do so. If asked, rather than make a scene, leave or pay the requested amount.