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Humor and Online Dating

lovley couple

lovley coupleFinding humor in those dates that were just downright creepy and then finding the courage to go on another date may seem impossible. However…it’s doable.

In spite of what everyone says: “Love at first sight”, does not always happen. Normally, on the first date, both parties are anxious and maybe even a little apprehensive. We go on dates under the impression that it has to be perfect. Well, no one is perfect and sometimes, it’s okay to overlook the creepy and give your date a second chance. Or go to the next profile.

Five Tips for Finding Humor in Online Dating:

5. Lower your expectations:

I’m not suggesting you go out with Freddy Krueger. If he walks in with knives for fingers, pretend your bat shit crazy too and walk out.

4. View dating differently:

Your date is not you and opposites do attract.

3. Be secure in yourself:

Do not blame yourself or be hard on yourself because you know nothing about coprophilous or scat play. To most, that’s just disgusting (this author included). It IS, and it is unhealthy. There is just something not right about wanting to eat another person’s fecal matter! That’s creepy, right?

It’s okay, there are only a small part (very small) of the population who enjoy this type of sexual behavior. Look at the bright side, even though the percentage was small and extremely doubtful you’d meet this person online, you did find this little tidbit of information about your date BEFORE the relationship became serious.

2. Follow your intuition:

When they want you to return home with them to their “secluded” home; where “no one could even hear you scream”, excuse yourself, and sneak out the back door! That’s just plain creepy, but hey, he could have meant you two would live in quiet blissfulness on his ranch.

pure love1. Laugh it off and then laugh some more:

Okay, four dates fall into the “creepy” category, but you know what, the odds of you meeting someone like this online are the same as if you had met the person through a friend. Now that’s funny, isn’t it?

There was a time when most people thought the idea of dating online was creepy, now according to (Smith, 2014) “5% of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship say they met their significant other online”.

Online dating is as scary for men, as for women, think “Fatal Attraction”. Of course, the guy should not have had an affair, but the scenario could happen to any of us.

Hold your head high and know, you will be laughing about those situations with Mr. Right when you finally do find him/her.