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How to Know When Its Time to Call it Love

Accidental wedding couple_17369907352_mWhat are the signs that let you know that your feelings are mutual? How do you know when the timing is right to say, “I Love You”?

You woke up startled, you are sweating, but it is only 66º F in your bedroom. Your head is spinning, you feel somewhat weird in your stomach. You’re not sick; it’s not even flu season, what is wrong with you? You pull the blankets over your head and the vision of your so-called friend in there with you in the darkness.

You know the laughter, the teasing eyes, how close you feel when you are working on something together. Is this the real thing? Is it mutual? Now you brought yourself to that place! You have to know. It’s a thing – isn’t it?

How will you know if it is time to call it love?

10)  When the two of you pause to talk, does your love interest put their hand on you, as if to feel a connection while you are talking together?

9)   Does your “friend” invite you everywhere; do they say it is not as much fun when you are not there?

8)   Do you get cute messages on you cell phone every day, or pretty often?

7)   Have you talked about taking a vacation together, a class together, volunteering together?

6)   Have you noticed you get into silly arguments when things seem to be getting too close?

5)   Is there a hint of jealousy when another friend gives you attention?

4)   Are you the first person your friend calls when their sick, excited about something, or has a secret?

3)   What is the longest time you’ve gone without seeing each other, or calling each other?

2)   How long has it been since either of you have had a boyfriend, girlfriend, or a date with someone?

1)   If you had a positive answer for at least half of these things, it is time to find out for sure: Is it time to call it Love?

There are a few things to consider before you just jump in and yell, “Hey, I love you, do you love me?” First, is this person free, or involved in a relationship? Has this person ever behaved in a way that showed you they were interested in being more than just friends are?

Image of a couple.If you were to get really close to his/her face, would they linger and make eye contact, or back away, and act nervous or uncomfortable? You have to evaluate the reactions of your friend from their perspective, not your own.

The other very important thing to consider is if you are willing to give up your friendship to try having a deeper relationship with this person. The risk is if the new relationship does not work out, your friendship may never be the same as it is now.