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10 Signs That Show He’s Interested

How does a girl know when he’s interested? Read the signs below.

I Will Never If You Never_6964303044_mHow does a girl know when he’s interested? Read the signs below.

10. The Way He Dresses

It may be subtle, but take time to notice if he puts a little more effort into his dressing whenever you are around – also check to see just how great he smells.

9. He Blushes Around You

The smallest compliment you give him makes him give that cute, shy, little boy look; his eyelashes are hiding his eyes, he’s looking down and he has a slight smile on his face – too sweet!

8. He’s willing to Communicate

The conversation doesn’t become one-sided after several minutes. He really knows how to keep up his end. You also feel like you’ve gained something when the conversation ends and you wish it could last longer.

7. He Answers Your Messages

Some men like the pretty girl running behind them scene. You call and they don’t answer their cell. You text and they ignore it. This man is not only glad you sms him, but he also sends one back and says he’ll talk to you later – and means it!

Day 130 - Synced_26641431984_l6. He’s a Gentleman

Chivalry stays alive with him. He opens doors and adjusts chairs in a natural way that makes you feel like a treasure.

5. The Way He Looks At You

When his eyes look into yours you only manage to keep your cool by keeping the conversation flowing. As far as he is concerned the only two people on the planet are you and him!

4. He Keeps Up

His interest doesn’t wane after the first two weeks. He likes to see you, talk to you and knows when to give you your space. He is right on track when you feel like a casual chat.

3. He’s Happy around You

While some guys consider you the ‘problem’ dump, or feel you are there to display their bad mood/behavior. This man lights up like a star just from your presence. He takes everything you say seriously and respects your opinion. You can tell by the way he hangs on your every word.

2. What Is Important to You Is Important to Him

He may not agree with everything you say, but he never makes your dreams and goals seem unimportant. He also considers the small things like your hobbies. Even though he can’t stand things like bowling, etc. he still goes once a week just because you like it.

1. He Is There When You Need Him

If you called at 3:00 a.m because you felt sick he’d go to the store and get whatever you needed to make you better. If you really want that ice bar, but can’t afford it because you’re broke he sees the look on your face and pulls the money out before you notice.



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