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Best Places for Wannabe Sugar Daddies to Find Women

A sugar daddy is a man who spends his money to take care of a woman. In most cases, it just so seems, that the woman is younger than the man. This is usually true because for the average man it takes time to build up enough financial resources to live well while supporting another person.

For the man who has the disposable income to make himself attractive to the opposite sex, there is only one problem. Where can he find women who are looking for a sugar daddy?

Here are the top four places in the world for wannabe sugar daddies to find the women of their dreams.

Instagram, photo_25747805691_l4. Monaco

Monaco is the place to find women when you have lots of disposable income (e.g. rich). This French Riviera principality (its own country) is the size of a small city. Nevertheless, packed within its boundaries are some of the world’s richest people. Wealth and Monaco go hand-in-hand. The rich love this place largely because it is a tax haven.

The presence of so many wealthy people also means attractive women. Super model types hang out in the bars, casinos and discos of Monaco. The key to meeting one of these available women is to appear rich but not snobby. Dress casually in jeans, an expensive shirt and loafers and you will have it made. Try to learn some yachting or Formula One racing terminology because these two sports are a favorite of the jet setters who reside in Monaco.

3. Rio de Janeiro

For the man who has not made it to millionaire status, there is still hope. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, offers many opportunities for the “average” sugar daddy to find a mate.

It really is as simple as hanging out at a restaurant on Copacabana Beach. Any single man sitting at a table in this area obviously has some cash to spend on a woman. It will be only a matter of minutes before one of the many beautiful women who come here to meet men will begin trying to make eye contact. Just let your eyes linger for more than a few seconds and she will be at your table to strike up a conversation.

2. Las Vegas

The only American city on this list is here for good reason. “Sin City” earned its nickname honestly.

Hot women are in every casino in town. They are usually playing the slots or watching the high rollers at the craps tables. The best way to meet these women is to begin placing a few big bets and then smile at the woman of choice. If interested, she will usually make her way to your side.

1. Sosua, Dominican Republic

For decades, European and Canadian men went here to find brides and girlfriends. Americans caught on around 2006. Now, Sosua is a virtual playground for men of leisure and means, from all nationalities, to spend time with their novias (Spanish for girlfriend).

Hotel rates are at a fraction of the costs in the United States. A week in a nice room with refrigerator, balcony overlooking a pool and flat screen television with English channels will run around $300 total for a week.

Women are all over this small beach town. Men only have to walk down to their hotel bar to begin meeting prospective girlfriends. You can also sit on the beach during the daytime. Any foreigner will receive lots of attention from the opposite sex. Enjoy it!