Top Jobs in Ottawa

Moving to Ottawa can be fruitful because of the abundant amount of jobs available. The median income in Ottawa is approximately $93,000, which is extremely healthy. A person can move to Ottawa and flourish. The following are some of the top jobs in the Ottawa area:


A person can easily find a cashier’s position in the Ottawa area. Cashiers are people who take cash for products and services. An applicant can obtain a job straight out of high school with no college education of any kind. The individual will want to have a friendly personality and a knack for mathematical computation. The average hourly wage for a cashier in Ottawa is $10 to $14. Cashier positions are available at grocery stores, parking lots, hotels, restaurants and more.

top jobs ottawaRetail Salesperson

Retail salesperson positions are readily available although their growth has gone down as much as 1.5 percent since 2010. A person can obtain a retail salesperson position at a clothing store, electronics shop, jewelry store, hardware store and more. The average salary that a retail salesperson makes in Ottawa is $10 to $20 per hour. An applicant will have to have a pleasant demeanor and a way with words.

Administrative Officers

Administrative officers perform a wide variety of tasks inside of an office. Some of the most common tasks that such a person performs are answering telephones, recordkeeping and typing correspondence. Administrative officers can work inside of universities, standalone businesses, hospitals and more. An administrative officer will need to have high organizational skills and a business administration diploma. The growth for the administrative officer position has risen more than 15 percent since 2010. Additionally, the position offers a high pay rate. An administrative officer can earn as much as $35 per hour for his or her work.

Computer Programmers

Computer programmers are technologically savvy and precise. They are people who manipulate computer codes for various applications. A person with a bachelor’s degree in computer science would be perfect for a computer programmer position. The position has grown more than 3 percent since 2010 in availability. Additionally, the position offers a high hourly wage potential. Seasoned computer programmers can earn up to $47 per hour for their work.

Food Counter Attendants

Food counter attendants can work at a wide variety of locations. They are mostly located at fast food establishments and ice cream shops. The position potential has risen more than 12 percent since 2010. A person can obtain a job as a food counter attendant with only a high school diploma and no experience. Their most desired qualities are a pleasant demeanor and minimal mathematical skills.

Ottawa is full of opportunities for current residents and people who would like to move there. A new resident can build a comfortable life with one of the previously stated job positions. Other positions that are plentiful in the area include jobs such as registered nurses and IT analysts and consultations. Additional jobs are becoming available for the Ottawa resident every day.


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