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Gifts While Dating: Saving the Best For Last

Everyone loves to get a gift, whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion. But some of the best gifts of all are the “just because” gifts, the ones that say “I want to give you a gift without having a reason”.

When the person you are dating gives you a “just because” gift, he has so many options to choose from and here are some possibilities that anyone would love to get:

10. Earrings – When you see the small box, elegantly gift wrapped, you get excited about because a box that small usually means jewelry, which is always a great gift! After dating for awhile now, he knows your taste and you are impressed with his choice for you.

9. Writing paper and cool stamps – He knows that you are old fashioned letter writing kind of girl, so this gift is especially appreciated.

8. Gift card to your favorite department store – You have told him many times that you would much rather pick out your own clothes than have him do it. Problem solved: he listened and now you shop!

7. Candy – Who doesn’t love chocolate? When he gives you expensive chocolate, what could be better?

6. Cologne – He knows the name of the colognCouple_1545203973_me you wear, because he’s asked. For him to give you a gift set, it means that not only does he want to please you, but he likes what you wear!

5. Book – He knows you are an avid reader, so it was amazing that he chose a book for you that you can’t wait to start reading! He knows your literary taste and what could be better than that? (for future book gifts!)

4. Gift card for auto service – He always tells you to “be safe” and with this gift, he shows his concern for you and that he wants you to drive a car that is in good shape.

3. Watch – Getting a gift like this tells you things are starting to heat up just a bit because a watch is a personal choice and you are happy it’s not too flashy, but in good taste.

2. Framed picture of the both of you – What better gift is there than this? It could mean he is thinking of a future with you.

1. Engagement ring – You can now celebrate your solid relationship with the bling bling on your finger. It was totally unexpected, and this proves you are in love with him and the beautiful pear shaped diamond tipping the scales at a 3/4 carat.

He is a keeper, not only for his choice of gifts, but for the fact that gifts appear for no reason other than to let you know he is keeping you, too!



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